Joined da family!!!

-Rise Or Rust Records (some mates from Bounz The Ball take care of this label!), with their awesome releases: Astpai - Corruption concealed under deceptive slogans, Giving Chase - A cheap print of a masterpiece, Schubumkehr Zwei (ace comp. full of Austria's leading bands), Bounz The Ball - Companeros de vida.

-Empty Face, a great band from Sofia / BG, that just released an awesome 4 song EP called "Waiting for a Sign" fueled with modern melodic punk rock with a hardcore edge in the vein of Strike Anywhere. The EP was released from the well established label Years Of Pain

-Won't Step Aside / Nothing To Lose, 2 hardcore bands from Austria teaming up for a split demo cdr; nice stuff!

Check out 3 quality hardcore (and so...) paper fanzines that I got this week:
a) Will To Speak #1 from Austria; i'm so excited about it!
b) A Short Fanzine About Rocking #18 from Manchester - UK; metal/hc/punk oriented.
c) Wake Up And Live #7 from Portugal; maybe the best sXe fanzine around in Europe!

For more info get in touch: hxf_prodaxionz@yahoo.com