"What the fuck?" update...

Hello out there... It's been a while since our latest update, but don't worry we're doing a lot of work in W.A.K.HC hq in order to bring to you quality hardcore / punk bands from all over the world. There was no update due to summer laziness & lack of internet connection.

Well, we have some really bad news... Disharmonic came to an end after more than 5 years and almost 40 shows. No words can describe how we feel... A "suicide note" will follow and there you'll find more about it. No time for frustration, the scene still needs us.

Back to some action right now! We proudly support and distribute a great label from Germany, Demons Run Amok, and it's 3 latest releases; Meltdown - demolition, Zero Mentality - invite your soul, Final Prayer / Alcatraz split, all in vinyl format!

Other new stuff: A great split 7" between More Than Ever & Turn Away, brought to us by the hardworking label Lucifers Legions (featuring Carsten - Never Face Defeat), the new Gold Kids MCD (Day By Day Records, old school melodic hardcore), Get Lost MCD (awesome Paris sXe!), Prisoners (melodic Italian oi/street punk) and Margaret Thrasher (UK's d-beat hardcore).

W.A.K. HC support and promote a great new hardcore band from Switzerland called Seed Of Pain (playing with Bane & Have Heart in September!), check them out! We have some free promos, too; if you have a fanzine or webzine, just ask for a copy! There are some free promos of Empty Face from Bulgaria, as well, so do the same as above!

Check out those cool fanzines, as well: Radio Rezija {first issue} from FYROM/Macedonia is an ace politically oriented hardcore zine, while Negro comic fanzine reached its 4th issue and it's perfect!

That's all for now! See ya later alligators! Stay gold, stay hardcore!