Woah! I received some cool stuff for promotion / distribution / reviewing this morning and I'm very happy.
First of all, Peter from Crucial Response Records sent me his label's 3 latest releases that are fucking superb! You know, I love this label, it's maybe the most hardworking hardcore label in Europe. So, I just got 3 awesome pieces of 7" vinyl; Get The Most, Commitment Crew and One Voice. Pure in your face hardcore music for hardcore people!
Get The Most from Canada delivers 6 brand new songs and an intro, having Chain Of Strength as their main reference. One Voice from Belgium present to us their first release, consisting of 6 superb songs in the vein of East Coast hardcore, like Youth Of Today. Last but not least, Commitment Crew come from Sweden and their music reminds a lot of early Boston bands like SSD.
For the curious ones check out the websites of Crucial Response and its bands. Full reviews will be available at the next Keep It Real issue (out around late september), so be patient!

The other releases that I got our 2 nice demos and a furious mettalic hardcore album!
Tranquil Anger from Austria play fast and raw hardcore/punk. The sound production is very raw but it's pure hardcore so I don't care, it's good! Check em out!

With Open Arms from Germany are into positive old school hardcore with new school references like Integrity. This demo is fucking awesome man, cute and professional.

The music of Badge Of Apathy is certainly not my cup of tea, but I must admit that the guys from Hamburg, Germany, play fine metallic hardcore in the vein of Walls of Jericho and The Haunted; you know the score, at least they are good at what they do and do not follow the shitty metalcore trend. Props! By the way, check out the cool poster of one of their upcoming gigs!
That's all for now mates! Don't forget the show in Komotini on Friday night.
Good clean fun is guaranteed, hehe.
See ya there!
A new update will follow during the weekend!