Seeking for Distributors!

Yo mates, we are seeking for good people that wanna carry our precious straight edge fanzine at their distros / stores / warehouses / multinational shops (kidding!), wherever.
Our distributors currently are:
Greece: World's Appreciated Kitsch HC distro, These Days distro, Lwtos Music Store (Thessaloniki), Wax Record Store (Thessaloniki), 7 inch.gr distro, xFor No Reasonx (cool local band), LCM Prod-A-ctions (our friend Alex - Komotini).
Germany: Lipkick (cool sXe girls)
Hungary: Honest For Truth Records (ask Attila!)
Cyprus: We sent a bunch of copies to a guy with the nickname Black Flag.

We wanna broaden this list and send fanzines everywhere, so please move your lazy assholes and set a distro table carrying The Edge at the next show you will attend, erh?
If anyone wants info & contacts of our distributors above, just drop us a line.
Cheers and keep the edge!