Born/Dead Greek gigs

The legendary political hardcore/punk/crust band from California, Born/Dead, is coming to Greece for 3 shows, as a part of their 5 1/2 months - started on 23rd August, they have already played almost 30 shows - to whole Europe, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand.
The shows will take place on 21st, 22nd & 23rd of September.
Here's the info you need:
21/9 Kavala, TEI University - Autonomous Centre. Organized by Accion Mutante Collective.
Born/Dead, Biochemical Virus, Hxoripansi.
22/9 Thessaloniki, University - Viologiko Squat. Organized by Biologica.
Born/Dead, Hibernation, Greet The Dead.
23/9 Athens, Panteios University. Organized by KS 94.
Born/Dead, Antimob, Swartz And Anger.

Go to at least one of those shows. It's gonna be a blast!