Well, there are zines and zines...
I See Blue is a fucking awesome fanzine standing out from the rest.
Max Mitchell from UK sent me a bunch of his latest effort called "I See Blue! And He Looks Glorious", plus some previous issues; "You're My Boy, Blue...", "Blue! Do You Trust that i do not want to see you die here tonight?". Weird titles eh?!
I don't know how to describe its contents...Surely, there's no stuff you find in regular fanzines, even mine, this is the perfect combination between fun and hardcore. You have to get it, there are just 3-4 copies available (in total for the 3 issues...sad!) in W.A.K.HC distro.
"You know you're hardcore when...
...you arrive at a close friend's funeral and someone asks you ""have you brought your distro?""!!!
Fucking brilliant!