About time...

Yeah, it was about time for an update. Sorry for taking so long (if 2 weeks is "so long") but my fucking internet fucking connection was fucking fucked up and I am totally bored of shitty internet cafes...that's why there's not any update since 26 september, if you care.
Not so many things happened, except a couple of nice shows (Varukers, Camara De Gas), lots of football betting (!), lots of phone calls with my girlfriend that studies away from our hometown, some argues with my parents and family related incidents. But once again, I think that you don't care, so we have to move fast to the purpose that this update was made, right?!
First stop. Refoundation Records & Booking from Italy; 5 guys trying to "bring back the ethics into hardcore" by organizing shitloads of shows / tours and releasing awesome stuff. 2 releases till now, now available in the local scene, brought to you by your favorite label / distro (the one you're reading its update right now loser!). The first release is a nice split CD between Many Men Have Tried from Vienna, Austria and Italy's End Of A Season. MMHT consist of some members of Anchors X Up & Nothing Gold Can Stay, and play awesome mid 90s hardcore, while EOAS is more into metalcore style like Poison The Well. The second release is Anchor's from Sweden first MCD called "Captivity Songs", delivering great early 90s straight edge hardcore, in the vein of Reaching Forward, Trial & Strife. Rad!
Second stop. xUp Rightsx. I hope that you already know this Toulouse - France based straight edge hardcore band, by the "Something To Say" 4 way split. If you don't know them, they play since 1996 and "Old school revenge" is their debut 7" brought to you by the mighty Commitment Records. Energetic and passionate, melodic and fast, sXe hardcore. Go!
Third stop. Will To Speak a fucking awesome D.I.Y. hardcore fanzine from Austria. I can definitely say that this is one of the best European fanzine these days. Its second issue features interesting interviews with Anchors X Up, I Rise, 1917 Records, Dirty Money, Allegiance, Fall Apart, Damaged Goods, plus a cool Ruiner tour diary and a feature about a squat in Austria, plus a great photo exhibition. All in all 68 pages of quality paper, english written!

Last stop. Jet Market, a great band from Italy are coming to Greece in the mid of November and W.A.K.HC is helping out Phiasco Destructions with the show in Thessaloniki. You'll get the posters and more info in one of the next updates. Moreover, the Positively Positive Hardcore Fest 2007 is about to reach its final line up and the poster should be ready to be glued in the wall outside your house at late October!

Bye bye...