Rucktion + more...

New update in 2 days, amazing!
I got a huge package from Rucktion Records, the best hardcore label coming out of UK. Rucktion Records is based in London and have already released quality hardcore records of bands like Knuckledust, Special Move, 50 Caliber, TRC, Dicktion, Broken Oath, etc.
So, I got a bunch of copies for distribution, only 2 copies of the following, so hurry up if you wanna get one...
a) Stout - Sleep Bitch CD Stout come from Baltimore, USA, and they are already a 10 year band. Their new CD contains 10 heavy beatdown hardcore anthems, in the vein of Bulldoze!
b) Special Move - Level 4: The Game of Death MCD Eventually, the new Special Move! This - Essex based - band was one of the first to be included in my distro 4 years ago, so I'm glad to get their new effort. Beatdown hardcore at its best!
c) Bun Dem Out - s/t MCD This is an all star hardcore band from London, featuring Pierre from Knuckledust/Beatdown Fury on vocals, plus members of TRC, Hunting Humanz & Flawless Victory! You know what to expect...London style metallic beatdown hardcore!

Moreover, I got some promos from fucking awesome bands like Diction, Kartel, Ninebar, Broken Oath, Wisdom In Chains / Injury Time and more... Plus the Knuckledust - Dustography double CD!!! You'll get reviews at a future Keep It Real issue, don't worry! You can check Rucktion's site for some cool mp3s, though.
To continue with, I got a bunch of tapes and a cool vinyl CDR (both nicely packaged!) from the Ruhrpott - Germany based 4-piece called The Omnipresent Disease. The guys play awesome raging thrashcore with old school hardcore elements. Their first demo is called "Time To Bother" and I'm pretty sure that you'll like it! {It is released by a brand new hardcore label called Spastic Fantastic Records}.
Fuerza de Lucha come from a village near Alicante, South East Asia and they were formed at the end of 90s decade, drawing influences by old school hardcore bands like Chain of Strength, Mouthpiece, Ten Yard Fight and the likes. They sing in Spanish and have already played a lot of shows / tours and have released several records. So, my friend Dario (vocals) sent me a bunch of their new demo CDR which includes 6 great energetic old school hardcore songs. Check 'em out lads!

That's all for tonight...
At the beginning of the next week we'll start a presentation of Positively Positive Hardcore Fest 07, introducing the bands that participate. One foreign and one local band every week...
Besides that, our proper distro / promo news will continue hitting your head & eyes.
There are some cool shows during the weekend, Anti - Master from Mexico visit Greece, you'll get more info & the posters of the shows maybe tomorrow, so stay tuned!