Whatz up?

Yo everyone!
I hope you're fine.
The weekend was cool; hanging out with my girl & friends, attending a Hibernation show in the local squat, losing my money on football bet once again, watching my favorite team being beaten both in football and basketball matches, hehe!
I am supposed to study this time 'cause early I am about to write some exams early next week, but...fuck it...here I am, representing hardcore via this silly blog that noone understands its purpose!
So, what's new?Reaching Hand from Portugal started out just a couple of months ago and their first demo (recorded in July '07) is a blast! Fucking amazing female vocals & catchy riffs, all in the vein of Chain of Strength and the posi hardcore bands. Their demo is both available in CDR and nice tapes.Dead Return from Bolzano, Italy deliver their first EP called "A Letter to Myself", released this September. The band plays a new - old school style influenced by With Honor, Comeback Kid and the likes. Cool slim case packaging!

Moreover, we have some changes for the
Positively Positive Hardcore fest '07
The final line up consists of:
Only Attitude Counts - Austria (Vienna style hardcore kings)
Woof - Germany (All school raging hardcore)
Watch Your Step - Italy (Pissed off sXe hardcore)
What A Mess - Athens (Melodic punk/hardcore)
All Rise - Athens (Metallic hardcore blast)
Senseless - Salonica (Beatdown furious hardcore)

As you can read in the topic above, we just started presenting the bands that are playing in this fest. We'll post a presentation for every band, starting out with the foreign ones, every 3-4 days.
Stay tuned to get informed!
That's all folks!