Lobotomy Refusal

New band from Brescia, Italy?!
My friend Gab (of The Smashrooms / Epidemic Records fame) sent me some copies of his label's latest co-production; the fresh new album from Lobotomy Refusal, a band based in his area, Brescia - Italy. Their first full length album was released some days ago and it's called "Gabbie di Sbarre". Some cool labels teamed up in order to get this out; No Flags, Epidemic Records, Nucleo Pisano HC, Columna HC, Still Screaming and Trust In Records.
The record includes 13 songs of "violent, super distorter, furious & gritty hardcore with lyrics in Italian". There's a Negazione cover, too! Nicely packaged, worth to get it! Only 2 copies in stock...