Imodium in Greece & other news!

Imodium from Italy will play 2 shows in Greece in the next days and World's Appreciated Kitsch HC & friends are helping them out.
The 2 shows will take place on Saturday & Monday.
24.11 - Salonica, Street Attack Squat, along with Green Goblins + Biomechanical Virus.
26.11 - Komotini, Valhalla Bar, along with Sarko Macaposi + The Mlataks.
Support the shows, support the local scene.

As for other news... Keep It Real fanzine is being distributed well. The 69 copies of the limited edition are almost sold out. We are seeking for distributors & individuals to take some copies, so if you are interested just drop us a line.

Entering the distro district, there are some new releases being distributed. Got a cool package from Twenty Fighters from Spain. Their CD called "From this Day" is good as hell and there is a special offer for you to get a CD + a cool T-shirt for a really cheap price. Only 1 t-shirt in stock, unfortunately. If you like your hardcore heavy and rocking, you'll love these guys.My friend & owner of Surprise Attack Records sent me a bunch of copies of the brand new Ambitions 7" called "No Limits". I think that you all know Ambitions, but in case you do not, they consist of 3 former members of With Honor, so you know what to expect! For fans of Ignite, H2O, Dag Nasty etc. By the way, they just released their first full length from Bridge 9!

There's a new breed of hardcore bands in New York city lately. Even though, it's too early and immature to speak for a new NYHC revival, bands like Olde York and in this case, Truth In Needles do a great fucking work. There is just one copy of their "Hardcore Liberation Front" CD in stock, for a lucky one to get it. New York City hardcore mixed with some street punk parts, following the path that Warzone & Agnostic Front paved years ago...
To end with, I kept 2 cool releases that Jack 925 gave me during the Jet Market show in Salonica last Friday. Well, the first one is the new (even though it's out almost a year) For What Is Worth MCD "Thoughts are my Enemies", released by the new independent label Trailblazer Records. There are 3 new songs and a couple of live ones. Even though the music that FWIW play nowadays (metalcore) isn't my cup of tea, I must admit that the MCD is very good & the band has built a strong fanbase during the years.
The other release is called "The New wind and the Second wave" and features 2 new great Swedish bands, Enemy Alliance & The Indecision Alarm. Enemy Alliance consist of former Satanic Surfers and Venerea members, while The Indecision Alarm feature members of Union Square and Adhesive. You know what to expect! For fans of Propagandhi, Face to Face, Hot Water Music and the likes... The split CD was released from Household Name Records along with Horror Business, Wasted Sounds, Eye Spy, No Reason, Eating Shit and the famous local label Cannonball Records, yeah! Get your copy now!

That's all for now. For more quality hardcore news, more new bands promotion, distro update and the final PPHF '07 line up, check back in a couple of days. Cheers.