All Rise

Line up:
manos a.k.a the drunken fucker - lead vocals
vag a.k.a the anti-drunken fucker - guitar
ion - guitars
val a.k.a the alien creator - bass
george a.k.a the sexy beast - drums

All Rise
was officially formed under the name "Scream for Silence" & then "GODrug" by Vaggelis (lead guitars), Alex (guitars) and Valentino (bass) who was at the beginning the singer and a bassist at this time was found: sam.
So in april/may 2007, they decided to record their first "song" with drum machine so the people could have an idea, a taste of how their music would look like. Then their actual drummer found them on myspace and is now a part of the band: george.
During the summer of 2007 many changes have been done in the line up, sam left the band because he didnt play well enough for what the band was expecting him to play, so valentino decided to leave the singing to Manos (actual singer) and became the bassist since he has been playing bass since christmas 2006 and really love it. Also, alex left the band because he was still a school student and as the band needs every member to be active and available at any time, he couldn't fit.
An upcoming demo is planned, with all the songs in it and "Hate Breeds Revenge" will be re-recorded from the beginning. The members expected to start the live shows from october but things are going faster than they expected so they adapt themselves and enjoy it. Their first show was on september 29th with Mindisease, Insidead, ATM, Karma Violence and they also participated at the Hardcore-Tattoo fest on October 25th and also many other lives supporting bands from outside Greece.
In october 2007 they re-change their name into All Rise and took Ion as a second guitarist.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/allrisegr