Well, some stuff I received this morning:

The new MCD of Como Esta Loco, a young band based in northeast Greece. Their first effort includes 6 songs (and an intro) of furious ultra metallic hardcore, not my cup of tea, but awesome! The production is a blast and the artwork fucking good. Get your copy now, it won't cost ya more than a couple of bucks.
Next, I received the Grave Mistake 7", released back in 2001 by Say Ten Records. If you like Misfits inspired punk rock and early 80s hardcore like Germs, Adolescents etc., you'll love this piece of transparent green vinyl. Only one copy in stock, but you can ask for free burned CDRs, I'll make a lot.
The last parcel was from a friend playing in Piazza Dropout, a Hamburg (Germany) based hardcore band. They have already managed to release two 7"s, their debut self-titled one and a great split with Teenage Angst (from Germany, too). If you like early 80s fast, pissed off and angry hardcore, you have to get these records immediately. There are enough vinyls in stock.