Tigerstyle + DING, yo!

Yo, new stuff added!
First of all, the Tigerstyle demo 07. Dude these guys from Orlando, Florida are very very cool! 5 songs in the vein of old style hardcore/punk, influenced by Negative Approach, Minor Threat and the likes. Wanna get a free copy? Just drop us a line, it's easy!
Next we have the Death Is Not Glamorous MCD "Undercurrents", released by the UK label Dead & Gone Records. I hope you all already know DING, coming from Oslo, Norway & trying to conquer the hardcore world by playing constantly almost everywhere during the last years. For fans of 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty & Shelter.
Last but not least, my bro Fabio from Torino, Italy, sent me a copy of the magazine he puts out. It's called Project 596 and consists of 24 glossy coloured papers full of hardcore music, tattoos, football and the likes. You can find interviews with Payback & No Redeeming Social Value, features with a tattoo artist, comics, rock 'n' roll, ultras - football fans etc. Unfortunately the whole fanzine is written in Italian, damn! It is accompanied by a great compilation CD, featuring 27 songs by bands like Vietnom, Puerto Rican Myke, Jet Market, Klasse Kriminale & many more... And it's for fucking free!
That's all, I'm heading to Athens, see ya next Monday!