Yo mates, I just went back from Athens. Nice 4 days along my girlfriend & friends!
I found some packages waiting for me... hehe!
What I found? 2 bands from Hamburg - Germany dude!
Ammunation from St. Pauli area play hardcore / punk with some d-beat influences. Their first tape, titled "Street tape vol.1", is a very cute release, well packaged, including 6 songs (covering "Power" from Agnostic Front as well). I like them a lot, for sure!This Belief from Hamburg, too, play a metallic hardcore style, brutal and in your face, nothing to do with what is called metalcore. Valentin, their singer, sent me a bunch of their "Lifetime Away" CD, that definitely kicks some asses!Moreover, I attended a show tonight in the local squat (celebrating 5 years of their existence) and met a friend from Dyspnea who gave me a bunch of copies of their anticipated split 7" with Nakot from Belgrade - Serbia. This nice piece of vinyl (crucial artwork!) contains 2 Dyspnea songs, that strongly remind me of Tragedy, and 3 Nakot songs, that are influenced by the Scandinavia crust hardcore scene. The split was released by 3 local DIY distros. Excellent!
That's all mates... The PPHF 07 is coming and I can't fucking wait for it. Tomorrow I'll get the posters & the flyers from the pressing plant and start spreading them around!
Bye bye.