Let's Dance.

No time to spare.
Let's dance.
Mates, you definitely have to check out the following bands and their releases:
from Paris, France. Their ultra cool label Disagree Records sent me the promo copy of the their first full length album called "Back to Reality" and it's fucking awesome NYHC style! Reminded me the late 90s of NYHC scene and bands like Madball and Biohazard!South Impact are from France too, Toulouse area, but they are more into metallic hardcore stuff. They sent me their first EP, called "Giving Voice to His Thoughts", released late 2006, when they were still called Initiate. They were formed in 1995, you know, old dudes! If you like metalcore style in the vein of Walls of Jericho, Unearth etc, you'll love this EP.Next? Yeah 2 new distro titles:
Coloss - "Songs of Hate & Emotion". Fuck it! This band from Rome, Italy, is fucking awesome! Their new CD contains 14 songs of hardcore/punk music to bleed your ears. Just buy this shit now, trust me...! Released by Valium Records.Bad Antics - s/t 7". My friend from Audiogorilla Records (Germany) sent me a bunch of Bad Antics vinyls. What's up with them? They play fast 80s skate hardcore / punk, influenced by JFA, Adolescents and the likes. They come from South California, too. What else?!The other day my friend Raphael from Undressed Army ordered some Keep It Real fanzines & enclosed in his envelope the Alarmstufe Gerd self released first demo, his other band's recent release. This demo is super! For fans of D.S.13, R.A.M.B.O. and the likes; lyrics in German language, but ask for translations, they are cool!That's all for now, I guess.
Check out the links (tons) and the distro list (updated almost everyday).
And do not miss The Toasters this weekend. The legendary ska band from NYC play 2 shows in Greece. On Saturday at Street Attack Squat - Salonica and on Sunday at Underworld Club, Athens.
Enough is enough.