Real Deal.

The days are passing by and the Positively Positive Hardcore Fest 07 is coming!
I am getting positive feedback from people from all over the country and that makes me happy and supports me with the energy to keep on doing what I love; representing hardcore / punk as the real deal, hardcore with attitude.
Moreover, I am happy to announce a new mini fest that will take place in Athens, at AN Club, the last day of January, 31st. I've already confirmed 2 great bands; To The Embers from Italy & No Way Out from Greece, and there are 2 more bands to be announced till the end of the week.
Back to the usual stuff, here's what is new & fresh in our family:Nothing To Hide is a very cool old school hardcore band with a modern touch from Germany and they just released their first self titled MCD & 7". The vinyl (white with black stiches) came out under Let It Ride Records label in June, and then followed the MCD format that was released a short time ago by Blacktop Records and includes a bonus song. A really must have release. Both formats available in our distro.Not Found come from Torino, Italy, and they just released their new MCD called "We're still here", that includes 5 songs of ultra melodic hardcore/punk, in the vein of Comeback Kid, Bad Religion and Ignite. The label responsible for this release is Not My Records, a new & hard working one from Italy. The release comes with a great "zombified" tour poster.Dumhetens Haer from Norway sent me a bunch of copies of their "Rattent Tankegods". If you like Anticimex, d-beat hardcore / punk, crust and early thrash/death metal, you'll really like this. There 2-3 copies to give away, so if you wanna get a free demo, just drop us a line.Next, we have Alea Jacta Est from Toulouse - France. Their first, really nice packaged, demo includes 3 songs of new school modern metallic hardcore, in the vein of First Blood, Hatebreed and even Strife. It costs only 3 euros and it is available through our distro.Last, but not least, a new hardcore zine was sent to me this morning. It is called Break Away, it's from Austria, and this is its 2nd issue, the first one written in english language. Really well written unveils the editor's passion for hardcore / punk and features 20 pages with interviews (Ruiner, With Open Arms, Schlops.com, Stabbed By Words), interesting columns and some zine reviews. I love paper zines, so I strongly support any effort like this one!
That's all for now.
The Toasters show in Thessaloniki last Saturday was simply amazing.