H2H Records + Brainbuster

Best wishes to every single one out there!
First of all, I'd like to thank all the kids that joined World's Appreciated Kitsch HC in one of the coolest parties that took place this year in our little city of Volos. One of the few nights that I saw the bar fully packed from 23.00 to 03.15... Crucial. Hope to see ya soon out there!
Back to our distro / promo work. My bro from Rome, Italy, Daniel has a great hardcore independent label, called Heaven To Hell Records and has released (or co-produced with other labels) 3 awesome releases. The latest one was the fucking crucial split coloured 7" of the Italians When Seasons Change and the Germans Miles To Go. 6 songs of European old school style straight edge hardcore, rad! Moreover, we have the Fire At Will - "Today is Mine" MCD. These guys from France kick ass; if you like your hardcore / punk positive and modern in the vein of Comeback Kid or even Bane, then this is for you. Amazing artwork included! Earlier this year, H2H Records co-produced the Think About / All True split CD. 2 bands from Rome, Italy, rocking the old school way! For fans of Chain of Strength & the likes.Next, we have Brainbuster, a band from Durham (Northeast UK), that released its first demo, called "Bite the Curb" some weeks ago under the label of Bad Luck Records. These 5 songs are ultra fast & raw hardcore / punk in the vein of Infest and Knife Fight! The demo comes along a sweet button!

Hmm... I think there'll be a new update tonight... Just got 2 releases of Cruzade Records from Spain. So check back in a couple of hours. And don't forget that you'll get the chance to buy distro gifts for your friends in the Athenian shows tomorrow & the day after tomorrow!!!