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Hello kids!
Happy new year! We wish you the best for 2008!
W.A.K.HC and the guys/gals surrounding it wanna thank from the heart all the kids that showed up in the Positively Positive Hardcore Fest 07. It was a great pleasure to watch more than 200 people (punks, skins & hardcore kids) moshing it up and having a good time at the show. Moreover, shoutouts to the bands that did their best to deliver a great hardcore show. It's been a long time since the last cool & positive hardcore show took place in Greece, so it was more than our pleasure to organize & attend it. See ya at the Angry, Young & Poor fest on 31st January. You'll get more info + the poster during the week that follows.

We are still working our asses hard to bring to you the best quality underground / independent hardcore releases, and even I have to serve the fucking army from February and on, World's Appreciated Kitsch will remain active with lots of distro titles, unknown bands promotion, shows and Keep It Real issues. By the way, it's very possible that the new Keep It Real will be released at the Angry, Young & Poor fest, even though there's a timeline problem... We'll see.
So, here's what we get the last days for distribution & promotion. Enjoy...Joan from Cruzade Records (Spain) sent to us a bunch of Oppugno CDs & Drama 7" vinyls.
Both bands come from Spain and both are fucking cool. Oppugno (CD co-released with xEnvyx Records) are into metallic brutal hardcore with 90s new school influences, not much unlike Hatebreed or Kickback, while Drama (their 7" was released by Communichaos Media, Clitocore distro/zine and other do it yourself labels) is a 3/4 female band delivering hardcore in the vein of No Innocent Victim and Walls of Jericho. If you ask me, I surely prefer the Drama 7", but the Oppugno CD is brutal as hell, too. Nice work Joan!I got some Hartal promos the other day and forgot to write about them...Fuck. This band from Poland rules and their new CD that is out on this new hard-working label XCore Records is a blast, believe me. Melodic punk rock / hardcore sung in their native language. If you like Shelter, H20, 7 Seconds & Anti Flag, this piece of plastic is for you punk! Sing alongs, energy, powerful & catchy tunes; what else do you want? Keep an eye in this band, they will become huge one day and they'll play in Greece one day, too. I liked the artwork much, too.
One more thing I forgot to write in the previous update, where there was a Heaven To Hell Records feature, is that Danny (H2H Records owner) sent me his band's promo. The band is called No More Lies, they are based in Rome and they are totally dedicated to old school / straight edge hardcore movement with a positive message. The promo includes 3 songs and a Judge "In My Way" cover and even if the production is not so good, I really dig their tunes. I'll be waiting to get in my hands a new release, that I'm sure that it'll kick some asses.
Moreover, during the PPHF 07 show I get some more nice releases from friends. Well, first of all my friend Spoonman of Noise Leftover fame (R.I.P.) gave me his new band's promo. The band is called Earth of Distrust and the promo "I Am Sin". I was already aware of the existence of this band even though I knew that they don't play hardcore at all, but they are good as hell in their style and their promo was announced as the "promo of the month" in the local Metal Hammer magazine. Anyway, this release includes 2 songs, plus atmospheric intro & outro. The production is very cool and the band seems to be very tight and talented. Their style is a mixture of Isis, Faith No More & Kuyss. I would describe it as "open minded stoner heavy rock with influences varying from jazz to post-hardcore". You should definitely check 'em out if you dig this style.
Those cool guys from Corfu island, Bill & Spiros gave me a bunch of Psycorepaths demo CDRs The music is something like rap hardcore with punk and nu metal influences. The demo is for free so if you wanna get a copy just drop me a line, I think around 10 copies still remain.Last but not least, I was pleased to see again my friend Fotis that publishes one of the few hardcore fanzines in Greece, Take Your Shot. Fotis is a very dedicated hardcore kid (even if he's not a kid anymore, haha!) and always support the scene. So, he gave me many copies of issue no.3 to give away for free, so do not hesitate to mail us and grab your own copy! The fanzine is fucking great, old school way edited (cut 'n' paste), english written, with cool articles, reviews & photographies plus interviews with Break It Up, Crickbat, Disharmonic, Icepick, xSisterhoodx and more. Crucial!
That's all for now. You'll get a new update tomorrow night, concerning Horror Business Records. The distro list has been updated and the links section, too.
Peace. Unity. Respect.