Horror Business Records

My buddy Dave from Germany, owner of Horror Business Records, sent me a package via punk post office (actually Woof gave it to me at the show, haha!) the other day, including some new releases, promo CDs and a bunch of copies for distribution! "Fucking awesome" I thought when I opened it in my house when I returned back home. I know Horror Business Records since a lot time ago and it's my pleasure to co-operate with Dave & give him a hand distribution - wise.
So let's talk a look at what I got!
Straight Corner - Gewehr bei Fuss. The new CD of Straight Corner (I remember when I was trying to set up a show for them in my hometown during their first mini tour in Greece, organized by Blind Bastard Records; by the way they're going to release a split 7" with the local punk rockers Nowayout in the future...) is still old school punk rock in the vein of older AFI or Adolescents with a small hardcore edge here and there. And it comes with 3D glasses to look at the cover!
FTX - Between Ghosts And Shadows. The first time I listened to FTX (from Nevers, France) was some years ago when I got in my hands some copies of their split CD with Woof, released by Come Dancing Records, as well. Their new album is fucking melodic old school hardcore, fresh and energetic, if you like Comeback Kid, Verse and Carry On, you'll definitely love it.
May The Force Be With You - Discometal Youth. This band is not my favorite one, actually. I'm not into the metalcore style at all, but I must admit that they are very good and open-minded at what they do! There are 6 songs of a raging blend between furious metal, modern hardcore and moshing attitude. Think Comeback Kid playing Unearth covers, got it?!Distance In Embrace - Utopia versus Archetype. One more a bit weird release; but I like this more! Modern hardcore mixed with metal riffs, breakdown parts, emotional moments and melodic punk rock influences. You have to listen to it to get the point!
V/A This Is Not Your Soundtrack for Violence. 27 bands - 47 songs, huge compilation against violent dancing. Woof, Sidetracked, Common Enemy, Kill Your Idols, Deny Everything participate among tons of others. Simply amazing!
V/A - Only the die hard remain (10 years of infiltrating your scene). This compilation is the newest one just released from Horror Business. It's a 10 years birthday compilation given away for free with any order. 37 bands - 37 songs this time with the likes of Vitamin X, Not Enough, Straight Corner, Yacopsae, Learn, Rentokill and more...
Moreover, I got some Bounz The Ball & Not Enough CDs for the distro. Both releases fucking rule and you have to get yours immediately!
Props to Dave & Horror Business Records.
Stay HC, stay gold!