Home Is Where Your Friends Are.

This is the title of the brand new compilation released a couple of months ago from Day By Day Recordings, a really nice hardcore label from Germany (also responsible for the Gold Kids first EP). Well, dude, this is definitely the best hardcore compilation I got in my hands for years! Quality hardcore (especially old school hardcore & modern - melodic hardcore) at its best, featuring 20 of the best European bands around. Gold Kids, Jealous, Nine Eleven, Within Walls, The Miracle, More Than Ever, Riotbeatshot, Sirens, Backsight, Fall Apart, Turn Away, Anchor, The Kind That Kills, Today We Rise, The Difference, So Far Away, Ritual, Satura Lanx, Chance To Rise and Die Out! are the bands that participate in this must have (soon to be legendary) compilation. 24 coloured pages booklet and a great cover complete the whole package. World's Appreciated Kitsch proudly distributes Day By Day Recordings' releases, so you have the chance to get your copy of this compilation for only 6 euros. Hurry up, because only 5 copies are in stock.Moreover, this week I got 2 great releases for promotional use.
The first one comes from The Netherlands; the band is called The Fifth Alliance and their first EP is titled "Fear Consumption" and contains 4 songs of chaotic metalcore (may I call it mathcore?) in the vein of Converge, Burst, Botch and the likes. There are some more "straight" parts influenced by Walls of Jericho (a girl is singing in the band, I guess that's why I made this reference), but the total result is a bit chaotic and definitely not an easy listening... If you like the bands I wrote above / the style I described, then this is for you. But even if you are a simple hardcore kid - just like me - give it a try, it's interesting! Great production & cute artwork included.Secondly, the new Won't Step Aside release is out and it's a great tape called "Unchanged Warfare" and contains 10 songs. Some of you may remember their split CD with Nothing To Lose (it's also reviewed in Keep It Real issue no.7, haven't you bought it?!)... Anyway, the band comes from Austria (Vienna style) and consists of young hardcore kids playing metal-free old school hardcore; think a mixture of 80s hardcore with a modern touch. The lyrics deal with everyday life and some social/political topics (anti-war, hate work etc.). This is a great release, and concerning the fact that I love tapes (it's sad that only a few bands still release tapes...), I guess this one is in my top list for 2007 (it was released at the end of december). Go get a copy for yourself!Don't forget to check out the distro and links section, they are updated almost daily...
Keep It Real fanzine issue 7 is still hot & available and finally we accept trades, so get in touch to work out a deal! We wanna release issue 8 as soon as possible (there's still a plan for a end of January release, but I guess that this is a bit of impossible to happen, sorry...), so help us get rid of the copies of the previous issue; we still have around 40 in stock... And don't forget that with every order from our distro you'll get free cds / stickers / posters. If you have a band and wanna get a decent distribution in Greece, just drop us a line, we'll be more than happy to help you out!
As for shows, the Angry, Young & Poor festival vol. 1 is coming on 31st January 2008. It's the first World's Appreciated Kitsch's event for 2008 and we guarantee that it'll be a fucking great party time. We just confirmed the final line up which consists of 2 foreign hardcore bands; True Believers from France and To The Embers from Italy, plus 3 local ones; Toxica Apovlita, Nowayout and Human Battle, all from Athens. The ticket is 10 euros and the fest is sponsored once again by Dildo Tattoo Studio, Avopolis:Core and Keep It Real fanzine, while we proudly endorse PETA. You'll get the poster during the weekend! We'd love to see ya at the pit!
Peace. Respect. Unity.