Lobotomy Refusal.

Line up:

Psycho - vocals
Gogio - bass / backing vocals
Franz - guitars
Emy - drums

Lobotomy Refusal began in January 2005 as a musical project inspired from Rancid.
The original line-up was formed by Lorenz (vocals) ; Gogio (bass/2nd vocals); Pebo (guitars and backing vocals); Nicola (drums).
As the sessions were passing by our original musical intentions radically changed from the original ideas and after some local shows our very first demo was released. It was called “Provincia Malata” and it was a mix of punk, hardcore and street punk.
Live activities continued til’ November 2006 when Lorenz left the band to go to live in Trento to build a family and waiting for his first son.
After 3 months we found a noteworthy substitute : it’s Piero (normally called Psycho...).

After other shows we totally focused our attention to the recording of our first album, “Gabbie di Sbarre”, recorded on June 8th and 9th 2007 : it has a sound stronger and powerful than before and it is influenced also by street punk and grind-core.
After the recordings Nicola left the band and after a month Emy entered in the line-up as drummer.

On October’s early days our first album has officially been released, a co-production of Epidemic Records, Still Screaming Records, Trust In Records, No Flag Records, Columna HC, Nucelo Pisano HC (all DIY labels).
At the end of September ’07 Pebo left the band and it’s substituted by Albo for the only month of October. Finally on December Franz took the place of guitar player.

Despite a lot of line-up changes , in 3 years we played with some important HC bands, not only from the Italian underground : Booter, Raw Power, Lucida Follia (ex-Sottopressione), Frontiera (ex-Kina), Rentokill...we define ourselves as Working Class HC because the roots of all our members belong to proletarian families and because we feel the membership to this reality, of which our songs are a proud mirror.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/lobotomyrefusal