Odd Zero.

Odd Zero - s/t debut full length, New York, The States.
This cool guy called Mike sent me the other day his band's debut full length.
Well, to be honest I was a bit confused of what those guys are playing and I am still confused.
I must admit that this CD is not my cup of tea, definitely not my cup of tea.
But it's so fucking cool, as well, god! Put in the blender some punk rock a la Ramones, some hard rock, some Fugazi influences, some The Wildhearts, some Life of Agony, I don't know...
And add a very important thing; these 10 songs were produced by the legend called Don Fury (for those that do not know him, he is one of the most famous producers among the East Coast hardcore / punk scene since its early beginning).
Fuck, I don't know. You should get this album to realize what's going on!

That's all dudes. I'll be in the Xmas fest on Friday and I'll definitely watch Hibernation playing live in Kallidromiou on Saturday, during my 2 day trip in Athens (just to glue posters of PPHF 07 outside your houses and spread flyers to your grandmas!).