PPHF 07 is coming.

Fuck yeah, the show is coming! Let's dance away 2007!
We'll be in Athens from Friday evening, so we'll get the chance to attend some cool events, too.
The benefit show in Kallidromiou 94, featuring our buddies from Toxica Apovlita & some other cool bands & the hardcore party at Dr. Feelgood the same night. Crucial!
Distrowise, here what we got the previous days: First of all, Marie True Believers sent me a bunch of copies of their last self produced demo CDR called "First Step". Fucking awesome old school hardcore straight out of France. You'll have the chance to listen / meet 'em at the Angry, Young & Poor series vol.one fest end of Jan.At last I got the Monument Records package. The post offices fucked us up and delivered the package after a month or more... So, finally, I got The Kind That Kills CDs. Who are they? Dude, read this: "The Kind That Kills is a hardcore outfit residing in Stockholm, Sweden with a motive to renew and take their particular blend of modern American hardcore with a Swedish soul past the obvious cliches of today's scene". They'll kick your ass.Moreover, Jonas Monument sent me a promo copy of Repoman, one more cool band from Gothenburg, Sweden, that features the guitarist of Division of Laura Lee, if this is important for you! Well, the 6 song sweet digipack CD is recommended for fans of Converge, for sure. And have in mind, that after being a part of their devastating show in Budapest last July, I am a Converge fan, too!!!Ah! I got 4-5 copies of a very cool split release in white vinyl! Side A features from North Wales, while the other side features Global Parasite while the other side features The Arteries from Swansea, UK. So, in total, 2 songs of furious hardcore / punk meets punk rock. Sick! And you'll get a great button along with every 7inch! Released by a cool (at least it seems...) label from Wales, called Complete Control Music.
Next please!Fuck! I got psyched. The new Vodka Juniors double CD is really awesome. No, this is REALLY awesome. Around 40 songs, all acoustic ones (do not expect to listen to the pure thrash punk rock they usually play), with great production & full of feelings, hehe! Check it out! Grab your copy as soon as it's still available. The packaging is great, too.I think that we almost finished for today, haha! Next update for sure on Wednesday!!!
Shit! I forgot to tell ya that John from Trailblazer Records gave me 2 promos of his releases, The Curf & Bleed. Really cool stuff, even though the style is not my cup of tea.
There are 3-4 packages that I haven't opened yet, so stay tuned to read for more quality hardcore / punk. And do not forget to check out the distro lists & the links; they are updated almost daily!

Merry Christmas.