In Our Hands Records.

In Our Hands Records is a cool punk / hardcore label from Poland, based on D.I.Y. ethics, that supports the local and international hardcore / punk culture since 2003 and has already put out 10 awesome releases (in CD, CDR or MC format), from bands like Come Closer, I Adapt, Seven Day Lie, Values Intact, John Ball, Stone Heart, No More Fear etc. The guys are doing a great and dedicated work for the local scene and their releases are of high quality.
Recently we did a trade and I got some great releases for my distro.
The Come Closer and John Ball tapes, plus the Stone Heart and Seven Day Lie CDs.
The music is basically hardcore, ranging from old school positive hardcore / punk to new school and even to screamo.
If you wanna get their releases, just get in touch with our distro section; I think that there are 2 of each still in stock.
We wish a good luck to the label owners and be sure that we'll distribute everything they have released or they will release in the future. Promise.