Strangler - "Party Crime EP" tape.

It's true!
The 2nd release of World's Appreciated Kitsch HC - or else your favorite hardcore / punk label (!) - is out now.
The new Strangler tape is supposed to be W.A.K. release no. 005 but against all odds it's out before the other numbers.
So, we are very happy to cooperate with this Swedish band for it's first proper release.
We decided to do a tape in order to keep the old school ethics alive, and we limited the release in 100 copies strictly.
Street date for the
Strangler - "Party Crime EP" tape is Monday 25th February 2008, but you can pre-order your copies now! All pre-orders will be shipped on Monday, though.
The tape includes 6 songs in the vein of 80's hardcore / punk not unsimilar to Gang Green, Black Flag and the likes.
The booklet is printed in coloured paper (almost every colour you can imagine, haha!) and there's a lyrics & info sheet, included.
The tapes are not pro-printed, but burned (only A side) the old school way, that means that I have to listen to the
Strangler demo at least 100 times, sick!
Enough, talk is cheap, so is the price of the
Strangler demo tape.
2 euros / 3 bucks dude (without postage, of course...).

But we do better prices to distros or to individuals that buy 3 copies and more.
Check out the crucial flyer made by the buddy-son Kwnstantinos.