World's Appreciated Kitsch's hq were so busy the last weeks taking care for many many things, such as new releases, upcoming events, distro orders and the usual stuff.
Furthermore, we are organizing the Straight Opposition european tour and there are too many obstacles to overcome. You can check the tour plan at our myspace site (next shows/tour blog) and if you can and/or wanna help us out in anyway, we'd be glad. The time is coming, you know...Concerning the distro section, we are very happy to cooperate with some awesome hardcore / punk labels, like Records or It Didn't Happen from United Kingdom, Get By Records from Poland and Youth Crew Records from Italy. We have added some awesome releases in stock, like the new Fumbles In Life (positive XXX HC from Italy), Safe (spiritual krishna rockin' HC from Italy, featuring Dario from Fumbles In Life), Last Item (NY styled HC from Poland), Elvis Deluxe (psychedelic stoner rock from Poland; I know that is not HC but is very cool) CDs, the Drowning Nation (80's hardcore punk straight out of Finland) 7", the fucking great green vinyl 7" split between For Old Times Sake and Beasts, both hardore/punk bands from England. And I don't wanna forget 2 great 7"s we got the previous days... the Better Never (all star hardcore band from the States) EP and the ANXTV EP (anarcho-punk from Italy). Add to this some great promos/demos, like the Tense Reaction one (featuring the ex-drummer of Vitamin X, based in The Netherlands), and we have a great seed of new hardcore/punk bands from all over the globe...

As for the upcoming shows... Here are the posters of the ones that are taking place the next 2 weeks. First of all, we proudly present the Vodka Juniors + Censored Sound + Enos Leptou Sigi show this Saturday in Komotini. A big thanx to the local guys that organized this show. Congratulations to Johnny - Negro zine for the really awesome poster he drawed!Moreover, the Angry, Young & Poor fest vol.2 is taking place in 2 weeks at AN Club. Two great bands from Italy participate; Not Found & Straight Opposition, while 3 fucking awesome new bands from Athens are in the bill, too; B.L.E.E.D, Day Oof & Fall In The Edge. The poster was designed by my German buddy Dave that also plays in Depressive State.
Hm... I think that that's all for now... Keep in touch for more news!
The Strangler tape is still hot & available, so do a favor to yourself and get one, it'll cost you less than a beer... Moreover, 2 new releases are on the run... The "Finish What You Started" 3 way split featuring Bounz The Ball, Straight Opposition and Good Old Days, will be released on 14th March, while the new It Burns Within tape is due to a late March release.
Salute you.