Refuse Records.

Got a package this morning from my friend Robert from Poland, the owner of the famous Refuse Records label, one of the most dedicated hardcore / punk labels from Eastern Europe.
Well, I got some copies of 2 of the latest releases of his label. Check them out.The latest release (2006) of Regres from Poland is the MCD called "W Naszych Dloniak" (this means "In Our Hands"...), including 9 songs of driving, passionate and fast positive hardcore. They sing in their mother language, but there are translations in English, too. I really like the cover, fantastic art. You should really check this shit out!The other release is the first full length from Let's Grow called "Disease of Modern Times". Let's Grow is a fantastic hardcore band from Belgrade, Serbia, and they have already released 2 7"s from labels such as 625 and Know Records. What we have in this CD is 13 songs of no bullshit, energetic, pissed off hardcore in the vein of 80s USA hardcore. Crucial!