Misconduct / HSD/FWYS

God damn! I got this split some days ago from my friend Alex (HSD, you may remember this band from the 2nd issue of Keep It Real fanzine that featured an interview). Well, I really like the experimental hardcore (including saxophone) of HSD but what drove me insane was Misconduct... I have to admit that I have only heard this band as a name in the past and never listened to any of their songs... But dude, they kick ass! Melodic & passionate hardcore / punk at its best. They come from Sweden and have toured everywhere in the world with bands like Ignite, Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Anti - Flag and the likes... Sick! But to get back in HSD; the fans of "weird", experimental hardcore with ska elements will love them! They come from Vienna, Austria and they already have a good measure of releases out... The split is called "Burning Bridges" and was released by Engineer Records, in collaboration with Side By Side Records, Troskot Records and Thrasmark.By the way, a new release from World's Appreciated Kitsch is coming very very soon... The 3 way split "Finish What You Started (if you've ever started sth)" will be available during the upcoming Straight Opposition tour, so watch out to get a copy, because is fucking limited to 127 ones... What you'll get is a nicely packaged piece of disc featuring 12 songs from Bounz The Ball, Straight Opposition & Good Old Days. Preorder it now!