Too much for an update.

Yeah, we're back.
After 2 weeks away of home, I got back yesterday.
Too many things to write and I am bit bored.
So let's do it in brief. The Straight Opposition tour was awesome.
And of course I had a great time in Ioannina with my girlfriend.
Thank you to everyone that helped out in anyway; you know who you are
so there's no point in writing down names...
...the Straight Opposition tour ended as you have already read in the column below.
Shit. Sorry to the guys that have already organized shows...
So, back to reality.
The Die Young mini Greek tour is going to take place on 31st March & 1st April.
Thessaloniki and Volos are the 2 cities that we'll host shows. You can check the posters
right here & right now... Thessaloniki's poster designed by the guys from Street Attack, while Volos' poster designed by Kwn/nos (+ me?!) ...Moreover, we have a great show - party next weekend, on 5th April 2008. Some good friends from Athens, Vodka Juniors and Censored Sound will play at Volos for the first time, at last! Spitback from Larisa will share the stage with them, so check out early next week for the great poster featuring Peio's drawings...

Enough with the live shows, I think...
Let's concetrate on some cool bands that drawed my attention the last 2 weeks...
First of all, the guys from Not Found (great shows & fun) gave me 2 records from 2 Italian bands that wanted me to get their stuff in my hands. So let's introduce them to you!
Gavroche is a street punk band from Turin. Their digipack CD (brought to you by Aerakani autoproduzioni, Anfibio Records & more) features some great melodic punk rock tunes in the vein of Rancid, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards and the likes. Catchy riffs, sing alongs and lyrics in Italian language. Well done mates!Killjoy, on the other side, are more into the Fat Wreck punk rock / hc style... You know what to expect. Ultra melodic punk rock / hardcore in the vein of No Use For A Name, Pennywise and Lagwagon. Cool!
Common Enemy is a very well known band (even in Greece...). We got some copies of their new album called "Trashed Under The Influence". Skate punk / thrash / hardcore at its best. Lyrics for skating, horror movies, nintendo games, teenage mutant ninja turtles, beer and ...skate. Sick!
While, Headed Nowhere from Bologna, Italy, are more into the Black Flag-ish old school hardcore / punk, playing old school 80s hardcore, since 2003. 2 copies from their legendary debut "7 songs + a cover" are in stock... Featuring a cover of "Friend or Foe" by AF. Get this piece of shit in your CD collection now.
Next we have, Hello Bastards from U.K. So, mates, the first 30 lucky ones that will send us a message / mail / whatever, will get a free copy of the "Uprising" demo. Awesome ultra fast punk / hardcore / thrash. When Dropdead meets Conflict meets Disharge meets Crass meets old school hardcore / punk, according to the band!
That's all for tonight mates...
A new update is coming in the weekend.
Stand strong / Think positive.