Concrete Facelift / Angelica Mariner

Firstly, let's introduce this whole thing to you...
We just started a new session featuring complete record reviews in this blog.
As you may already know, Keep It Real fanzine won't feature any reviews from issue 8 and on. We decided to do this in order to save some space and give bigger exposure to the bands and the labels that send us stuff for reviewing. That's all, welcome to the internet world. Take it easy, though.
Btw, we'd like to thank Die Young TX (plus Day Oof, Die Without & Urban Evolution) for the 2 great shows we had in Greece the previous days. Props to the kids that helped us out in the organization or just showed up.

Concrete Facelift - "Loud Fast Raw" CD
(Overdose on Records, Party Time Records, Welfare Records, Gnarly Slaughter Records)

As far as I remember, Justin from Common Enemy sent me this CD (along with their new record) a couple of months ago. Well, Concrete Facelift's music & attitude are similar to the Common Enemy's ones. You know the deal, skate to hell, drinks & punk rock / hardcor /thrash as fuck.
Based in Worcester, Massachusets, they exist almost 5 years now and they have already released a bunch of cool 7"s. "Loud, Fast, Raw" is their first full length album and the only one till now that it's on CD format.
So if you are into Gang Green or Suicidal Tendencies (their faster songs), you'll really dig this shit. I don't know if it's available in Europe, but you can check your local distro or else visit the links below and you'll definitely make it to get a copy in your hands.

Angelica Mariner - "On Failure and Consumption" MCD
(Weirdo Records, Sin Records, Noisecult, Up & Down)

Angelica Mariner come from northern Italy and this -4 song- MCD is their first release ever.
The fact that they feature former members of Sledge HC (R.I.P.) and Red Blood Hands made me curious to listen to their music because I already have the Sledge HC CD and it kicks ass. Moreover, my friend George from The Voldera Cult told me that they are a very good band and they cooperate with them, so I was even more curious! The first thing you notice when you take this CD in your hands is the awesome digipack packaging and the painted illustrations. Really excellent work.
Musicwise, these songs are strongly into the modern metallic hardcore style, more metal than hardcore I must say. But these dudes are playing well enough even for me that I do not like this style of music! I think I can compare them to bands like Poison The Well, Norma Jean, Converge and the likes... The melodies are very cool and I must admit that Alessandro's voice is amazing!
So if you are into the metalcore style, you must check out this release; it's better that all the mainstream metalcore shit that you can buy in your local store, believe me.