Compilation CD

{Still Life Records / Youth Crew Records}
"Our Roots Our Pride" is a fucking great compilation CD that was released on December 2007 by 2 of the best Italian hardcore labels; Still Life & Youth Crew.
The comp. features 32 songs of the earliest 7"s of some of the most influential bands of the positive hardcore and straight edge movement of Italy between 1990 and 1995.
Growing Concern, Think Twice, Open Season, Maze, Creepshow and Reality participate in this effort. Bands that formed the Italian straight edge scene back in the early 90s and paved the path for the explosion of the old school revival a decade after...
There's not too much to write for such an historical compilation. This CD is a must have for every dedicated hardcore kid even if he/she is not straight edge.
Congratulations to the 2 labels that united their forces in order to put out such a great piece of hardcore.
The music is just hardcore / punk, metal free, energetic and positive. You'll find influences by bands like Insted, Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, Negative Approach, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today and the likes.
The booklet of the CD is thick; 16 pages featuring line up, lyrics, covers etc., while the front & back cover were printed in gold colour. Fucking crucial...
Just to add sth; Growing Concern, Think Twice and Maze did some reunion shows the last year and it seems that they are still alive and kicking.