"For you" MCD

{self - released}

Stronghold is one of the first bands from Zagreb, Croatia, that started playing New York influenced hardcore.
Started out back in 2000 under the name "Not For Trendy Suckers", managed to form a decent line up and changed their name into "Stronghold" one year later. They have already released a demo and a full length CD.
Their new MCD includes 6 songs in NYHC style reminding me of the classic ones; Madball, Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood and the likes. They draw influences from euro - hardcore bands like Backfire and Only Attitude Counts, too.
The production is very strong and tough and fits a lot to their style, while the artwork is really nice, even though I did not like too much the drawing that is featured on the cover.
Moreover, the CD is enhanced featuring the video-clip of their song "Restless Soul".
To conclude with, the Stronghold EP is a really nice choice for the fans of NYHC, go and check 'em out.
I forgot to write that they have already shared the stage with Terror, Spider Crew, UK Subs and Bounz The Ball...