"Friends. Pride. Family" demo CD

{self - released}
Senseless is a new (started in the end of 2006) band from Thessaloniki, north Greece. They have already shared the stage with bands like Only Attitude Counts, Settle The Score, Last Hope and Romeo Must Die, while have played a bunch of shows in Thessaloniki & Athens.
Their first demo CD contains 3 songs in brutal hardcore style with metal influences, reminding me of First Blood, Hatebreed and the likes. The production is a bit raw but I like it very much and I definitely prefer it from an ultra clean one, because it fits better to the feeling. What I do not like too much are the too many beatdowns, but this is maybe because I am mostly into fast metal-free hardcore / punk, that's why...
All in all, it's a cool release representing the Thessaloniki hardcore scene and I think that if Senseless work harder they can achieve many things in the future.
By the way, the demo features a video clip of the song "How to kill a girl".
Send them a message and ask for a copy of their demo, I think it's free.