"Stop crying and start laughing bitch" demo 2008 CD

{Honest For Truth Records}
Nothing is a brand new band from Budapest / Hungary and their first demo was released a couple of months ago from the hard working hardcore label Honest For Truth Records. Their demo includes 7 songs of raw hardcore / punk played the old school way, reminding me of classic bands like Negative Approach and Black Flag. Moreover, they remind me of another Hungarian band called Something Against You, for the ones that are familiar with the Hungarian scene.
Nevertheless, Nothing is a really cool band and I'm sure that all the fans of the early 80s hardcore sound will dig their tunes.
You know, there's a big 80s hardcore / punk revival going on these days and we see more and more bands following the path that the "legends" of hardcore paved and that's definitely fucking rad!
Nothing is one of those bands, so if you wanna listen to some quality fast and aggressive, metal-free, hardcore / punk, get their demo, it'll kick your ass...
P.S. Nice black & white layout, by the way!