"Till there's nothing left inside" CD

{Dead Vibrations Industry / District 19}
Verify is a great band from Belgium that combines their technical metallic sound with hardcore elements; no I don't wanna use this shitty word that starts with metal and ends with core... Verify is an absolutely good band, even if their style is not your typical fast - stop and go- hardcore music. What I'm trying to say is that some metal bands do this kind of "click" to me and I like 'em so much even though I am not into their style, because I want my hardcore metal-free, you know... Anyway, I stop confusing you... Let's get to the topic.
Verify's debut album was released last year by the infamous Dead Vibrations Industry label and District 19 Inc. (both from Sweden), and it contains 8 songs of pure metallic hardcore in the vein of (due to the press release) Converge, Parkway Drive, Maroon and may I write...Machine Head, too?!
To conclude with, their music is very powerful and energetic, while their lyrics are more personally oriented. The artwork is nice, too, featuring cool photography.
If you like metal and hardcore too, get this piece.