"Saziando L' Uomo" CD
{DIY conspiracy: 9 labels / distros}

The Hirudo Effect were formed in 2004 as Anti - Jap Riot, a hardcore duo playing in the Milan area. After a year they became a 4piece band and started touring in Switzerland, Italy and Germany.
"Saziando L' Uomo" was recorded in late 2005, when the band has changed their name into The Hirudo Effect, but it was only released some months ago under the co-production of various DIY labels from Italy, France & Spain.
Their style can be described as mathcore, noise jazzy hardcore or whatever weird label related to hardcore you can find...
Bringing in mind bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, early Converge, The Locust and taking influences by the grindcore scene and the almighty Mike Patton, as well, they manage to create a unique sound that only the ones that like this style of music can appreciate.
To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of this style, so it won't be cool to state any opinion here.
If you like your hardcore weird, funky and technical, go check out The Hirudo Effect. The album includes 14 songs recorded in 2005 plus 11 songs recorded live in Milan - 2006. One of them is a cover to "Love Doll" by Fuck On The Beach...
Nice artwork, by the way.