"The Tragedy In Us" CD
{Dead Vibrations Industry}

Some of you (the football fans or the bet addicts!) know the city of Helsinborg for their local team that took part in UEFA euro cup the last year and featured Henrik Larsson as their main striker!
Well, from now on, the metalcore kids must be aware of Helsinborg, Sweden, because is the home of Hearts Alive, one of the most promising upcoming bands in the metalcore scene.
You know that I'm not too much into this style. Actually, I cannot listen to the mainstream metalcore bands but I give a chance to underground and upcoming bands. And Hearts Alive is a very cool band, honestly...
Taking influences from Caliban, Unearth, the Swedish newest metal scene and bands like Darkane & Soilwork, they add their taste of melodic hardcore / punk and present 11 songs - gems for the metalcore scene.
Fans of metalcore, grab your copy now.