"Late Night Response" CD
{Indelirium Records}

The readers of Keep It Real may remember a review I wrote for Question Marks in issue no.7 (November 2007)...
Their "Late Night Response" CD was firstly released by the label In Ya Face Records in Japan.
The European edition was released by the hardworking Italian label Indelirium Records (also home for Straight Opposition, Jet Market, Orange Man Theory etc.).
and includes 12 songs (as far as I remember the Japan release included some bonus ones...).
Well, Question Marks play melodic punk rock with some hardcore influences, reminding me of the So-Cal scene and bands like No Use For A Name and Lagwagon, plus some A Wilhelm Scream stitches.
Catchy riffs, great vocals, super production, nice lyrics and a cute packaging make the "Late Night Response" CD a must have for all the fans of modern punk rock / hardcore.