"The Feeding of the Fortune 5000" CD
{Tent City Records}

Public Serpents is a brand new all - star band from the New Jersey area, USA.
They feature members of bands like Chocking Victim, Leftover Crack, Morning Glory, American Distress and The Filaments. Wanna read more or is this enough?!
Well, their debut full length includes of 14 songs of amazing ska / punk rock tunes or else "crackrocksteady" as they describe it. Additionally, they are not afraid of putting some synths and ragga / hip hop elements every now and then.
As you may understand all the songs are super catchy and danceable (the ska / pogo way, you know...) and certainly brings to mind the former bands of Public Serpents' members.
Lyricwise, their songs are ultra political, thought provoking and against the multinational companies that rule the world.
Go get their CD (released 2 weeks ago I think...) from Tent City Records, also home for American Distress, Chocking Victim and The Foamers.
We hope to catch Public Serpents live in Greece one day...