"Voltare Pagina" CD
{DIY conspiracy - almost 30 distros / labels from Italy}

Afasia is a rough political hardcore / punk band from Italy and their debut CD was released a couple of months ago by the DIY conspiracy (that means the contribution of almost 30 labels and distros from all over the Italian country) as a nicely packaged digipack CD with great drawings and a booklet with lyrics & translations.
Musicwise, the band reminds me of late 80s / early 90s italian bands like Negazione, Alterazione and other ones from the politically influenced DIY scene that existed (and still exists) in the squats and youth centres.
Fast aggressive and raw hardcore / punk with lyrics, in Italian language, concerning the current political situation, the punk scene and the society.
Moreover, there's a cover in the song "Police Bastard" of Alterazione.
All in all, a great DIY release for the fans of this style of hardcore / punk. Don't expect to listen to the latest trend of hardcore, this is miles away from the mainstream scene...