"s/t" MCD
{Rhumba Records}

Perry from My Defense sent me a bunch of his band's CDs the other day and in the package included the Boulderdash MCD, too.
To be honest I haven't heard this band from Cologne / Germany before and their CD was a surprise for me...
It contains 7 songs of old school hardcore in the vein of Poison Idea, Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror, Murphy's Law and the likes.
Their style is uncompromising raw & simple melodic hardcore / punk and their songs have already stuck in my head!
They have added some ska / dub parts to one song, as well!
Lyricwise, they deal with scene related things, anti nazi action and some personal issues.
There are not more words to write, just go out and check this band, they will kick your ass!