"Operation Beatdown" CD

{Dead Vibrations Industry, Nothing But A Beatdown}

Last To Remain is a mosh hardcore band from Oslo, Norway, and "Operation Beatdown" is their debut full length release, after a couple of demos and a promo. The 9 songs (+ an intro) included in this CD, are into danceable / groovie heavy hardcore , full of beatdowns and catchy parts. Think something between Death Before Dishonor, Shattered Realm, Hoods and First Blood.
The lyrics are into personal things and scene related ones, you know, the usual stuff you meet in a typical hardcore band's songs.
All in all, aggressive tunes, brutal a la Hatebreed style, a super production and an awesome booklet / layout.
Want something more?!
In addition to all the things listed above, have in mind that the CD was released last year by the infamous Dead Vibrations Industry, one of the leading European hardcore/metal labels, nowadays...