"Leaving the Wasteland" CD

{self - released}

The new era of the melodic posi-core has just begun. The revival of the so called new old school hardcore is here, alive and kicking. Bands like Bane, Comeback Kid, Allegiance and the likes took their influences from the 80s straight edge hardcore, put their own elements both musically and lyrically, added some edge of punk rock music, filled with ultra cool melodies and catchy riffs and finally paved the way for hundreds of bands all over the world, that started playing after 2005.
One of those bands is Anchors Aweigh from Germany and "Leaving The Wasteland" is their brand new / debut full length (12 songs), self - promoted album, that was released a couple of months ago. As they state in their myspace profile "Anchors Aweigh is a band that still has something to say"... and I must agree that they are absolutely right.
Their new yet old school melodic hardcore / punk combines is full of great music and awesome lyrics. Music that takes their influence from the bands and the genre stated above, and lyrics that are strongly against the tough guy style and support a positive way of life, while still caring for personal things, like relationships etc.
The production is super and the artwork is professional.
One of the best records to come out in 2008, word.