"War Against War" MCD

{Sandblaster Records, Elmstreet Records}

Terrorize Kids were formed in spring 2006 in Germany with a strong mission; to bring the original 80s Boston / Washington DC hardcore sound back on the map. After a sold out tape called "We hate people", released by Elmstreet Records in the end of 2006, it was time for their first MCD that was released some months ago and it's called "War against War".
The CD includes 9 songs and an intro, of fast paced old school and rough hardcore in the vein of Jerry's Kids, Minor Threat, Gang Green and the likes.
Don't expect chugga chugga guitars, metalcore beatdowns and trendy haircuts... what we have here is early 80s hardcore, aggressive & pissed off, with a social / political message to deliver to all the scene kids that have lost the real meaning of hardcore nowadays.
The production is noisy and raw, while the covers are old school oriented in black & white colours.
Get this now from our distro, it costs less than a drink in your local bar.