"Live" CDR

{self - released}

T.F.A. was a band from Maryland, United States consisting of 3 kids ageing between 13 - 15 years old that existed for less than a whole year, played almost 15 shows, had lotsa fun and broke up, leaving behind the current live CD and an unreleased EP.
This CD was recorded live somewhere in their area and includes a bunch of their own songs plus 2 cover ones; Minor Threat's "Out Of Step" and Bad Brains' "Attitude".
The kids (real kids!) play fast paced, pissed off, old school 80s hardcore / punk with a lot of skate references in their lyrics, reminding me of JFA, Negative Approach, Minor Threat and the likes.
Fuck yeah! Those kids were only 13-15 years old and instead of some crappy pop music they played this kind of style. Awesome!
Get their CD from Jake (also responsible for Shred It Zine, read a review above), it's free, just send a message to: shreditzine@gmail.com
By the way, if you wanna find out what TFA stands for just check their blog in myspace and play the game!