"s/t" MCD
{Dead Vibrations Industry}

A Trail of Horror were formed in Halle, Belgium 3 years ago, featuring ex members of Time Out, Reign of Terror, Youth Enrage and Earection.
They signed with the Swedish label Dead Vibrations this January and this is their self titled new MCD, following a split CD with The End of All Reason that was released a couple of years ago.
This CD includes 7 songs, an intro and an interlude. Their style can be described as hardcore / death metal, taking influences from bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Arkangel, Caliban and Liar, while adding stitches from the brutal death metal scene.
Absolutely uncompromising, aggressive and brutal, their MCD is a must have for all the fans of the extreme music, and not only for the death metal or the hardcore kids in particular.
What I don't like too much is their lyrics, too much bloody massacre for me, you know they are like describing a serial killer's moves, hehe!