split CDR
{Kawaii Records, Hidden Value Records}

This is a split release between Hidden Value Records from Malaysia and Kawaii Records from France, both independent labels very active in the worldwide hardcore scene.
The cute CDR includes 4 songs of each band; Scold from North Borneo / Malaysia and xVenganzax from Guatemala. All the songs were previously released in the bands' demos, Venganza - "Asi es mi vida" & Scold - "Fist held high" in 2007.
As the labels state, this release is "a musical DIY assault / an international coalition against evil doers"... And they are right! All lyrics are spreading positive messages promoting the straight edge, violence free, veg(etari)an way of life.
Scold sing in english, while Venganza prefer their native language.
If you like youth crew hardcore and you are into bands like Champion, In My Eyes, Mainstrike, Stand & Fight, Vitamin X, The Geeks etc. you know the deal, you gotta buy this!
I strongly prefer Scold, that, by the way, have female vocals and are a bit more melodic while Venganza play raw old school hardcore and cover "Impact" by Chain of Strength.
That's all. Go get a copy. DIY hardcore represent.
P.S. I forgot to write that the artwork is great, done by DJ Criminal.