s/t MCD
{World's Appreciated Kitsch, Troskot, Rising Riot,
I For Us, Wrong Side, Ugly & Proud, Come Dancing}

The Outrageous MCD was co-produced by World's Appreciated Kitsch along with 6 great European hardcore labels. It's W.A.K.006 and we are very proud of it...
It was a couple of months ago that my buddy Svetlio from Troskot Records proposed to me to c0-produce the Outrageous release, and here I am now, among Outrageous copies & flyers, writing this review.
Well, this MCD includes 7 songs of ultra melodic fast & furious modern yet old school hardcore.
Put in your hardcore blender some Bane & Comeback Kid influences, old school passion, catchy riffs, energetic punk rock stitches, clever personal but thought provoking lyrics, a great production and a nice packaging, and you'll get the first Outrageous EP.
I forgot to write that Outrageous are from Sweden but they are going to conquer the world sooner or later...
Keep an eye on them. One day we'll bring them in Greece. Word.