compilation CD
{Back Ta Basics Records}

Down For The Core is the compilation series that Rick Ta Life (singer of 25 Ta Life & Comin' Correct) puts out since some years ago.
Rick is and was one of the most active persons in the east coast hardcore scene, starting out Back Ta Basics record label back in late 1994 and since then he has released bands like Krutch, Backlash, Backfire, Shutdown, Indecision and his two bands, among others. Moreover, he put out 3 volumes (if i'm right...) of the famous hardcore compilation "A Call For Unity", featuring almost all the best NYHC style bands from all around the globe.
In 2005, he started the "Down For The Core" compilations and here we are now reviewing the 7th part (i think that vol.8 and vol.9 are in progress, if not already released).
The comp. includes 30 songs of in your face hardcore, covering every style, from NYHC & brutal hardcore to old school and metallic hardcore. The bands that participate are not only from the States but from all over the world.
Here we have some special songs like 25 Ta Life's "Loyal to the grave" along with Madball & Lord Ezec, Comin' Correct covering "Survival of the Streets" (originally by Cro-Mags) along with Lord Ezec (or if you like, Danny Diablo) and In Search Of covering Minor Threat's "Straight Edge" along with Rick Ta Life himself.
Moreover, well known bands like Death Before Dishonor, Wisdom In Chains, Last Hope, Straight To Your Face & Embraced By Hatred contribute with some cool songs, while some upcoming ones deliver to us their great songs!
You should definitely check out this compilation (and the previous or next parts) if you wanna get quality hardcore bands gathered in just one CD!